Page Guest Comic - Damon | April 26th, 2011
Guest Comic - Damon
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Guest Week - Part Three
Posted by Traxer on April 26th, 2011
Yes, a guest week comic drawn by me, posted a few months back. Still counts as a guest comic because it contains a guest.

Not buying that?

I most definitely did not let a LA trip sneak behind me or play any Portal 2 and not have enough energy to draw a comic if that's what you're insinuating. weren't.


Anyway, this comic is based off ideas Damon Husky brandied about and I latched on to. I still don't quite know if this is what a Writer's Block is in the LF universe...but for now it is. ;3 Damon can be found on Fur Affinity and deviantArt. You can also thank him for the idea for the newly revised banner. Thanks for the ideas and support chap.
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