Artists are absurd creatures. They go through life with a strange mindset: that to unleash their creative powers in any way they can, whether it be through writing, drawing, audio recording, interpretive dance, etc. But what goes on in behind the odd actions of an artist, what strange things set forth in their minds? It's just a matter of brain cells sparking, right?

That's only what our mind wants us to think.

Loose Ferrets takes a peek behind the scenes at the creatures responsible for at least one artist's actions. Geo is a muse who just so happens to look like a raccoon (for the moment, at least). Ronts is a character who has just been created, and is still getting a gist of his surrounding and own forming backstory. These two will traverse the odd environment of the artist's mindscape, meeting many allies and enemies along the way.

All in the quest of some loose inspiration ferrets...

The Author

This comic is drawn and written by Geo Holms (a.k.a. Traxer), a fellow trying to keep sane in the middle-of-nowhere, and who has been compared to a grizzled raccoon from time to time. The events of this comic may or may not be inspired by his own artistic adventures, metaphorically.

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