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Guest Week - Part Two
Posted by Traxer on April 21st, 2011
I have to thank WinDasH for a lot. Without WinDasH, I don't think Geo would have lasted as long as he did.

You see, waaaaay back when there was only one drawing of Geo drawn, and I wasn't sure that I was even gonna draw him again, there was a certain artist that made gift art of him out of left field.

This was back when the idea of Geo was still fermenting, his design wasn't solid, I wasn't sure about having him be a raccoon, he was less than a month old, and he wasn't even a muse yet. I was smitten by not only the art, but seeing Geo drawn from another point of view showed me that Geo was exactly the way I needed him to be.

Geo's base design hasn't changed much since that point almost five years ago, and I know I have to thank WinDasH for that.

Anyway, enjoy the show, peeps.

To see more of WinDasH's art, check out WinDasH at deviantArt
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