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The Beginning
Posted by Traxer on August 26th, 2010
Everything that is great has a beginning. Then again, everything that is terrible has a beginning too. Which sort of thing this is, we shall have to see in time. For now, enjoy this little story about a little muse and the misadventures he runs across in the realms of the imagination.

First things first, I have to thank Virmir, for coding up this fantastic little site, and providing hosting for this venture.

I also have to thank all the peeps who I threw the rough comics that form the first ten strips of this comic, testing if they were worth the paper they were drawn on (which was not that cheap, mind you). If not for their typed laughs and snickers, I would never have had the confidence to carry forth. (Though I totally bet they were just staring blankly at the strips when they typed such things.)

And my last note: Don't worry, there will be ferrets.
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