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Art Scavenging
Posted by Traxer on November 9th, 2010
I believe the lame joke of today can be overlooked for the sake at musing at the brilliant interpretation of Ronts in the middle panel. Look at it. Isn't it shiny? No, my art skills haven't suddenly fermented into being Awesome, it is drawn by my artist friend Darky from the wilds of Europe (who I met a few summers back during my Study Abroad program...still don't know why she agreed to tea with a grizzled American...). She took time out from her animation adventures to complete this and it turned out Fantastic. (I believe Ronts likes it a lot too.)

Darky has also recently started a webcomic called Various Days which is sorta slice of life commentary sprinkled with dashes of video game jokes and general randomness all sketched with Darky's shiny art skills. It's the right dash of odd humor to cause snickers. I can obviously relate to some of the strips rather well. Go forth and enjoy! If you like the admittedly odd humor here, you shall most definitely luff her stuff. You can also see examples of her art at her deviantArt page

Thanks again Darky for helping me out this week!
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