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Peanut Butter
Posted by Traxer on November 9th, 2010
The characters of Geo and Ronts have both existed for a long time before this comic. But when I wanted to use them for this comic, I knew I would have to re-introduce them and all their quirks. Considering how confusing it has been to explain Ronts in short order, I rather like being able to develop him for a new audience. His layers of oddness can be sprinkled in as the comic progresses. (Though perhaps the phrase "fuzzy dementor" says much more about him than I suspect...)

On that note, I suppose its a good time to mention that the current arc is Character Developments (Pt 1!) where, obviously, we are getting a little more information about Ronts. The peanut butter obsession has been around for ages. I figure every character needs a major weakness that can be used in case they become an evil mastermind. Ronts's is peanut butter. (On a side note, it is mine also. *nomnomnom*)

See ye peeps Tuesday!
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