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Posted by Traxer on July 28th, 2011
Artists are fickle beasts who tend to get engrossed in their work and forget to socialize sometimes. Artists sometimes need a bit of socialization, not only to find inspiration through interactions with others, but to keep them somewhat sane. Whether it be through the Internet or in the realms of the Real World, a little socialization goes a long way.

The character featured in today's comic is Kyrahlynn from C. Paplham (whose fantastic art can be seen at Horizonbound @ deviantArt), a great friend for a good number of years, and grand supporter of my art and Loose Ferrets from the beginning. It's also her b'day today so hope ye have a smashing one, miss! It's been grand knowing ye and having all those random conversations (of time travel and otherwise) in between!

That's all from me. Next week will bring either more "Muse Tips" or back to the next plot. All depends on the waves of inspiration...
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