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Brown Paper
Posted by Traxer on September 21st, 2010
You may have noticed last Thursday that the color of the comic changed a dash. No, your eyes weren't playing tricks on you, they did change, I changed the paper I was sketching upon. For at least the next dozen strips, I'm using a Cachet Earthbound Sketchbook to do the comic.

Tis just the right size for my panels, I like the smoothness of the paper, and do like the slight Effect if gives to the colors.

AKA: Tell me what you think of it. I'm still debating if I'm going to stick with this paper yet. Your opinions are greatly valued, especially at this early point of the strip. Any suggestions can be either thrown to me in the forum, or sent to me at looseferrets -at- gmail dot com.

On another topic, I'll try not to do low humor like this too much. OR WILL I?
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