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Posted by Traxer on April 14th, 2011
The PSA Ferret was made for the purpose of saying more serious things that neither Geo or Ronts would know how to put into words. You may be thinking: "Wait? The inspiration ferrets can speak?" To which I say, "Of course they do. What do you think the dooking was all about?"

Just don't think too hard about it.

The design of this fellow I blame partly on @IzziCat on Twitter who insisted she wouldn't want a PSA presented from a normal looking ferret. I have to agree.

Next week may be a guest week. I need to get some permissions. One may be something awesome you peeps have already seen, the other may be a special presentation of something exceptionally awesome I was given a few weeks back.

Don't worry, it won't be long. I'm not going on hiatus or anything.

Famous last words.

Shush, Ronts.
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