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Posted by Traxer on March 24th, 2011
Yep. It's official. This is the Procrastination Arc, one of the most formidable things that an artist has to face. It's materials of distraction are vast, and it's hunger for time is ravenous.

He's also a lazy fluffbutt.

I would like to take this time to thank two artists for planting the seeds for the designs of Procrastination and the Procrastination Fuzzies. This slothish fellow's base design came from a smashing artist on deviantArt named orca1026. Way back when, for a Christmas sketch, I requested the anthromorpization of procrastination. I'll have to post the drawing she did when I find it...

I also wanna thank Vitoria (who also has a deviantArt page) for drawing her own version of Procrastination a while back (which I can't seem to find either...) They were colorful little fuzzballs which evolved into the fuzzies seen in the last few weeks.

Also, here is a MegaGeo. Enjoy the rest of the arc!
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