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Posted by Traxer on March 10th, 2011
When I was a young and naive chap on the Internet, I found webcomics. Webcomics were awesome things with great art and absurd humor which kept me coming back for more. One of those early comics that I followed was a quirky little strip called Catharsis. It involved a lady in who shared an apartment with an odd dragon, a ill-tempered squirrel, a pirate sock, dustbunnies, and other various creatures. Catharsis showed me how quirky and brilliant a webcomic could be.

This strip's dustbunny is dedicated to the memory of that comic.

Memory, because, unfortunately, as the Internet has moved forward, the strip stopped updating years back, gained digital dust, and now the site is fragmented across the Internet Web Archive.

The artist can be still seen here on deviantArt where her army of cute sculpys and photos of oddly cute crested geckos can be seen.
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