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Tribute to Brian Jacques
Posted by Traxer on February 8th, 2011
There is no writer who has more of an affect on my life than Brian Jacques.

No, the Redwall books are not masterpieces, but I can say they are wonderful, endearing, beautiful books. The world he created and the people he touched with it is incredible. I read the books in middle school and they have stayed with me ever since. In my early days on the Internet, I found fellow Redwall readers. I found the stories, art, and friendship they shared through their love of the Redwall series.

In the long run, the Redwall series has made me the artist and the person I am today. There is no other way to cut it. I cannot imagine I would be where I am now without Redwall and Brian Jaques in my life. I have grown up and moved forward, and even though I haven't read a Redwall book in years, those books are, and will remain, an undeniable part of me.

Without Brian Jacques, this quirky little comic would not be around. I don't believe that either Geo or Ronts or any of these characters would be around.

Thank you, Brian Jacques. I really wish I could have met you to put my foot in my mouth trying to say how much you meant in my life as a whole. I will cherish your memory, and stories you told, forever.

(The quote is from the first book of the series: Redwall)
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