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I see what you did there...
Posted by Traxer on January 20th, 2011
Heh. I obviously was being a dash over-confident when I said "no hiatus." So this week counts as my "obligatory unannounced vacation week."

This image posted is semi-unintentional, but in the end, I think it sums up my adventures last weekend rather well. I was following around a flufftail husky last weekend at Further Confusion 2011 who happened to have a code like this that if you scanned it with Google Goggles or some other tag scanning ap, it came up with his website.

I thought that was rather clever of the chap so I made a few of my own. One of which I posted here (accidentally...don't know how I mistook this file for looseferrets_40.png). So go ahead and scan it if you have the technology and let me know if it works out. ^^

If you want to make your own snazzy QR Code, there be lotsa sites to choose from, but I used this one

And remember, inspiration is closer than it appears.
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