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No Hiatus!
Posted by Traxer on January 11th, 2011
Well, I'm gonna be gone for the next week into odd adventures into the unknown. I believe I shall be taking my lappy along for the adventure...but who knows how much time I will have to actually use it. In any case, this week's strip and next Tuesday's strip are taken care of so no fear of hiatus. Even have another two weeks buffer after that. ^^

What is the adventure, you may ask? Well, perhaps something I will be able to use for a Loose Ferrets: Random Interludes. (Which is one of those side ideas I've had of having random side plots that are not bound to the main plot of Loose Ferrets...who knows if /that/ shall ever happen. >.> I actually made it up in this paragraph.)

In other words, I'll tell you Thursday where I am. Bwhahahahaha!
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