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Posted by Traxer on January 4th, 2011
Geo obviously has more weaknesses than just shiny things.

But then, "shiny" is just a matter of perspective. In many cases, people have an "ooo, shiny" reaction to things that at first do not seem "shiny." That is because "shiny" is in the eye of the beholder. "Shiny" is pretty much anything that makes a person's eyes glaze over or make their voices squee.

So, from that perspective, things like otters and bloo bukkits, are quite shiny to Geo.

But speaking of shiny things, I want to direct yer attention to two artists' renditions of Geo and Ronts. The first is a gift strip I should have linked long ago (I had some matter of sinister plan that hasn't panned out yet) from a snazzy friend, Terri (or one of her other handles...never know which one to choose. Her strip can be found here. You can find the rest of her brilliant art in her gallery

Secondly, I want to direct yer attention to the famed Tod Wills's brilliant interpretation of Geo and Ronts. I was quite curious to see how he would portray the peeps and I am thrilled at the result. Go visit his awesome webcomic, Ekwara, and poke about at the rest of his brilliant art (perhaps for a commission).

Anyway, this marks the end of the Ambition/Motivation arc. But don't worry, I'm certain Ambi and Morty will pop up at random moments in future comics. When or how? You'll just have to find out. (Even I'm not certain yet.) I hope you enjoyed their company, and understood what the heck was going on.

And if you didn't, feel free to e-mail me any suggestions or opinions to or, if you are feeling extra ambitious, drop me a question or three at my Formspring account.

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