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Ambitious Project
Posted by Traxer on November 23rd, 2010
Ambition can be viewed as various things. In this case, ambition is represented as a "desire to achieve a particular end." She is also represented as a bat-like creature, but that is besides the point. This kicks off my the next comic arc and the introductions of two new characters. The first, obviously, is Ambi, who you'll be seeing about the next few weeks. The other one is coming around some time in December.

Also, this is the 25th strip! And no late ones yet! And a steady cult audience! Thanks for coming to read this odd comic, peeps. I love to think I'm giving out a few snickers to the Interwebs (or at the least, pained groans). This has been a fun project so far, and hope it continues to be so as I keep flailing to keep a functionable backlog of comics (yeeeeeeah).
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