Page from the Muse Bin #10 | January 31st, 2013
from the Muse Bin #10
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New Job and Stuff
Posted by Traxer on January 31st, 2013
This old comic is one I made a few weeks into my new job as an IT assistant in a small school district in rural Wyoming. Now, three years later, I am leaving that job for a new job.

Between the new job preparations and the moving-to-Salt-Lake-City preparations, I have not had the time to focus on Loose Ferret production.

I know this is not helping my traffic at all, and I know that you may have seen these comics if you've looked at my art archives other places...

Still, don't want to let this place get too quiet, so you're doomed to look at old art and gift art for a few more weeks. If you are willing to whip up a guest strip, be my guest. Just send me a note at looseferrets at gmail dot com.

Keep cool peeps!
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