Page Christmas Break | December 18th, 2012
Christmas Break
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Happy Holidays!
Posted by Traxer on December 18th, 2012
Now, with Christmas almost upon us, I am properly sapped. I think it will do my mind, body, and Inspiration Ferrets good to just relax for a couple weeks until 2013.

2013 will hopefully lead to developments for Loose Ferrets. Including possibly:
- advertising places so more peeps find this comic!
- improved art style!
- backgrounds!
- more anthropomorphized things!
- less hiatuses!
- back logs so I can slump over and no one will ever know!

2012 was a nice year with lots of shiny things. Still, it is my hope that 2013 will be even better. Thanks so much for reading this odd little comic and hope to see you as the comic keeps scampering onward.

Until then, have a happy non-denomination winter holiday season. :3
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